Meet Our Veterinarians

Professional doctors with the passion to help

With over 30 years in business, our professional staff and doctors have been providing our other locations, and now Silver Springs, with top-notch veterinary services. You can rest assured your pet is in good hands at Silver Springs Animal Clinic.

Dr. Clements

Dr. Clements was granted a DVM from Auburn University in 1985 and is the founding practitioner of the Central Pennsylvania Animal Clincs. His graduate studies were in the field of neuroendocrinology. His special interests are in orthopedics, dermatology, neurology and endocrinology. Dr. Clements is also a Certified Rehabilitation Therapist and has a passion for regenerative medicine. He was awarded the prestigious American Animal Hospital Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Proficiency award and is also certified in canine rehabilitation therapy.

Dr. Hann

Born in Hershey, PA Dr. Hann graduated from Hershey High School then continued to Penn State University. He obtained his Veterinary Degree from Mississippi State University in 1990 and has worked for the  Central Pennsylvania Animal Clinic since. In his spare time he enjoys playing with his dogs and cat, sports, watching movies and listening to music.

Dr. Migliore

Hailing from New Hampshire, Dr. Migliore received his veterinary degree from Virginia Tech. Even though he spent 4 years in Hokie country, he still maintains his allegiance to Penn State football. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys upland and waterfowl hunting, fishing, and hiking with his two dogs; Cruz and Bentley. He has a passion for both surgery and reproductive medicine.

Dr. D’Cruz

Julian is a fantastic guy with a riveting personality and history. He was born in a bedouin tent, under the sweltering sun of the arabian desert. His family moved to Canada when he was 10, and he’s lived in an igloo ever since. He attended the University of Toronto, specializing in Neuroscience with some Entymology on the side. He attended St. Matthew’s University for vet school ,and completed his clinical training at the University of Minnesota. He is fascinated by the world of laboratory animal medicine and is currently applying to serve on the Penn State IACUC in whatever spare time we permit him. He dabbles in rock climbing, loves to cook, and go for walks with his Lab X Border collie beast- Winnie. He used to be a connoisseur of fine scotch but has since become too much of a lightweight to keep up that lifestyle. Come say Hi to the staff and meet Dr. Julian in person at one of our clinics.

Dr. Loguidice